Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace Reveals Hotel’s Lavish Design


Nobu Hospitality partnered with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro, Meir Teper, designer David Rockwell, and contributing members of Caesars Palace at the original Nobu New York City location on June 11 to give a teaser look at the brand new, first ever Nobu Hotel, opening in Las Vegas in late 2012. Aside from the sneak preview of the hotel and room design, the group announced that reservations could be made beginning October 1st. Celebrity Chef Matsuhisa and his team of designers are confident they have successfully blended the fun and energetic Nobu lifestyle with the chic, lavish lifestyle and values of modern Las Vegas.

Surfaces will be comprised of wood tiles that extend through the elevator foyer and into the cabins – a single gesture that defines the entire hotel space. Schindler PORT elevator technology will transport hotel guests comfortably and efficiently using sleek touch-screens and a powerful traffic management algorithm resulting in fewer stops, less wasted energy and greater handling capacity. Hallways will feature patterned carpets designed to reflect elements of cherry blossoms and Japanese Zen gardens along with pleated wall coverings and custom fixtures inspired by origami.

“We have created a distinctly Japanese experience in the heart of Las Vegas with the first Nobu Hotel, but with a playful interpretation of Nobu’s style and the Vegas bravado,” said Rockwell, founder and CEO of Rockwell Group. “Using the grand canvas of a hotel, we were able to elaborate on the use of hand-crafted, curated materials that create a luxurious effect and provide a world-class Nobu experience.”

181 guest rooms, including 18 suites, will offer Strip or garden views. Designs will embrace comfortable simplicity with natural materials and textures counter-balanced with outsized elements to reveal a touch of Vegas flair. Neutral tones will set the room while hints of purple and aqua are emitted from multiple accent pieces, decorative pillows and artwork. Patterned beige-colored carpets will feature a strong, unconventional graphic designed to invoke sentiments of landforms, seascapes and active movements. Staying true to the Nobu aesthetic, the furniture will reflect the influence of designers whose forms come directly from nature offering a modern comfort that is both elegant and casual.
“The Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace experience is crafted with the Nobu guest in mind – we want to cater to their expectancies of quality and comfort while offering unique elements of surprise,” said Gigi Vega, Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace general manager. “We have strived to create an elevated experience that fully communicates the magnetic Nobu lifestyle with exclusive touches and opulent details to evoke excitement and form lasting memories.”
Posted by Markus Micheaels
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