N/Naka Comes to Culver City


Hold on to your chopsticks. Beloved sushi chef Niki Nakayama’s long-awaited venture, N/Naka, is officially open for business.

A reservations-only affair, the Culver City resto’s sole focus is Nakayama’s masterful prix fixe omakase meals. The interior’s minimalism plays a supporting role to the starring culinary attractions. Settle into one of nine dining tables and take in the view (giant wine and sake case, bustling sushi bar). Or book a private room if you prefer to devour each better-than-the-last course (many flavored with ingredients from the chef’s private garden) in Zen-like solitude. Fresh cuts of sashimi are mouthwatering interludes between hearty courses such as sous vide Wagyu beef, steamed crab mushi, and poached foie gras. A green tea souffle rises to the occasion as a showstopping dessert.

Posted on 04/22/11 by Lauren

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