InnoWare, LLC and its two operating companies, InnoWare Paper, Inc., of Wisconsin and InnoWare Plastics, Inc., of Georgia, announced that its Chairman of the Board, Nicholas A. Clementi, has been elected to the additional post of CEO.

In assuming these additional duties, Nick Clementi is taking over for Charles Woodward, who resigned as CEO and President.Nick is an experienced senior executive with a broad background in food service and consumer goods marketing.His leadership roles have included such notable brands and companies as Golden Books, Pictionary, American Greetings, and Contempo.
InnoWare Paper, Inc. is a leading supplier to the home and food service tabletop retail and club markets.At its facility in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the company designs, prints and produces highly decorated premium quality napkins, paper plates, placemats and other tabletop items.
InnoWare Plastic, Inc. is recognized as an innovative provider of carryout, take-home, and display packaging to the food service industry serving the restaurant, college and university, supermarket, and food processing segments.Its premium lines of co-extruded, hinged OctaView and two-piece Expressionscontainers are regarded as industry standards.InnoWare Plastics is the creator and manufacturer of the sustainable ECO Return to Nature line of commercially compostable containers.
For more information about InnoWare, visit,or contact Ginger Green, Marketing Coordinator, InnoWare Plastic, at 678-690-5144.

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