New VP Takes the Reins of Wahoo’s Expanding Franchise Program


Wahoo’s Fish Taco, has announced the appointment of Tom Orbe as Vice President responsible for the company’s franchise program. Orbe, a Wahoo’s franchisee himself, brings extensive experience in the ownership and operation of a franchise, customer service, marketing and sales to the position. Orbe will take the lead in driving the growth of Wahoo’s stores across the United States. In an effort to meet the demand Wahoo’s Fish Taco has developed a growth initiative to add at least 100 franchise locations in the next five years. In choosing future franchisees, Wahoo’s will consider individuals who have a genuine enthusiasm for the brand, adequate restaurant and/or business experience and sufficient funding. Wahoo’s plans to sign 15 franchises in California by the end of the year, with the first five locations being determined via a lottery because of the high demand. In addition, the company will open four franchise locations in Arizona, also available through a lottery in the winter of 2009. Additional locations across the country will be assigned as the process develops. The initial franchise fee is $30,000 for the first store and $25,000 for any additional locations.

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