New Study on Upscale Latinos’ Dining Patterns


A new study released by AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing and Nielsen found that Upscale Latinos, defined as households earning $50K to $100K, are young, tech savvy dual-income earners with large families and over index in casual dining.

90 percent of Upscale Latinos have dined at one or more core casual restaurants in the past 12 months, compared to 82 percent of Non-Hispanic upscales.

Upscale Latinos have greater intent to dine out vs. their non-Hispanic counterparts

While Upscale Non-Hispanics are driven by locations that make them feel better, Upscale Latinos are influenced by “new” and “in-style” restaurants.

Upscale Latinos, which account for 40 percent of the Hispanic Buying Power, are upgrading their lifestyle and pursuing luxury with mid- to high-end brands.
They outperform their upscale counterparts in optimism, upcoming purchases and plans to increase spending.
In addition to casual dining, they also fuel growth in mid-market department stores and prestige cosmetics.

For a list of these restaurants and to download the full report, visit:

Posted by Meghan Ogilvie

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