New Software: “MyDisplay” From Rational Makes Operator Errors Almost Impossible


Rational is the world market and technology leader for thermal preparation of food in professional kitchens. The German based company released their creation of a software solution that makes the SelfCookingCenter Whitefficiency even more of a breeze to operate.

With MyDisplay, functions that are not required can be removed from the appliances interface, so that every user only sees what he/she is supposed to see. You can store different cooking processes and save them in profiles. Users have their own customized profile which clearly shows them exactly when they have to do what.

This new feature virtually eliminates errors and guarantees consistent high quality food.

“I’ve been sleeping better since I started using MyDispaly, “says Jan Luth, Managing Director of the Cassius Garden in Bonn, one of the largest vegetarian restaurants in Germany. He installed the new software from Rational on his appliance two months ago. Whether it is croissants in the morning or grilled vegetables at lunchtime, when cooks touch the MyDisplay screen they now only see what they are responsible for cooking at that moment.”

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Posted by Marcela Aguayo


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