New Products Coming Soon at West Coast Prime Meats


West Coast Prime Meats has new products coming soon of which include:

  • Hook’s Cheese
    • The Hook family has been making cheese out of a small facility in Mineral Point, Wisconsin since the early 1970s and have won numerous awards including a world championship.  Hook’s cheese is the restaurant secret to a next-level cheeseburger (try any of the Cheddars), a top-notch charcuterie board, or a successful wine and beer pairing.
  • Vegan
    • West Coast Prime Meats sells proteins of all kinds. West Coast Prime Meats are excited to open their Vegan category on their website, starting with some plant-based burgers this week and we are adding a few more items over the next few weeks.
  • Yakiniku Pack
    • JThinly sliced, bite-sized, USDA Prime Harami (skirt), Kalbi (short rib), and all-natural pork belly are perfect for quick grilling with veggies and seafood and dipping in homemade sauces.  These packs will be ready for delivery next week.
  • Game Meats
    • Bison, buffalo, duck, elk, and venison are the most requested game proteins along with all-natural beef bones for bone broth and other healthy home chef options. Look for additions to the website in these categories next week.
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