New Packaging Adds To Shelf Life


A new packaging film released by Sirane promises to add up to 11 days to the in-store shelf life of mushrooms, the company announced yesterday.In trials by a customer overseas, no reported browning or condensation appeared on mushrooms while using the Sira-Flex Resolve packaging.

Sirane sales director Jeremy Haydn-Davies said the packaging feedback has produced the company’s most impressive results yet for mushroom packaging.

Haydn-Davies said the results fit well with food waste reduction goals and the Courtauld 3 Commitment signed recently by many retailers.

The packaging utilizes a compostable, bio-polymer film developed to balance humidity with O2 and CO2 permeability.

The film has also shown positive results for maintaining strawberries, green beans, salads and potatoes.Portobello_mushrooms-300x300

Posted by Lauren Harrity 12/11/13

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