New Original Series Knife Fight with Ilan Hall



Live catfish, white truffles, cod sperm, and a whole pig’s head:these are not your typical cooking competition “secret ingredients” because this is not your typical food television show.

KNIFE FIGHT, a gritty new cooking competition show hosted by Top Chef Season 2 winner Ilan Hall on Esquire Network, features underground, after-hours cooking bouts between Los Angeles’s most exciting chefs.

Hall’s friends have gathered for years after-hours at his downtown LA restaurant, The Gorbals — eating, drinking, hanging out and competing against each other to see who could cook the tastiest dishes out of whatever was left over in his pantry. And in each episode of KNIFE FIGHT, a show that evolved naturally fromthis ongoing restaurant happening and scene, two chefs go head-to-head, making at least two dishes in one hour from a combination of two to three secret ingredients. The chefs feel the heat as they’re cheered and heckled by a rowdy crowd, including friends, neighbors and an eclectic group of celebrities and food experts who serve as judges and timekeepers for each bout.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 10/03/13

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