The International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA), in partnership with New Zealand-based International Culinary Tourism Development (ICTD), announced the first State of the Culinary Tourism Industry Report and Readiness Index. The 225-page Report is being heralded as the most comprehensive, unbiased report of its kind and the go-toguide to the latest trends, hotspots, and future of the culinary tourism industry. The analytical report includes both in-depth qualitative and quantitative research on product development and marketing efforts in key culinary destinations, as well as extensive analysis of the current state of the world’s culinary tourism industry. The report also discusses new culinary traveler behavioral research as well as implications for the future of the culinary tourism industry as a whole.

The report is available for purchase for only US $495 for individuals and small organizations or US$1995 for larger organizations and multi-company team projects. The report can be purchased at:

The report also includes the industry’s first Readiness Index, a barometer by which the readiness of culinary tourism destinations can be ranked. Destinations surveyed in this year’s report include Belgium, Louisiana (USA), New Zealand, Ontario (Canada), Peru, Scotland (UK), Singapore, South Africa and South Korea. “This report is a valuable tool for any destination looking to develop or enhance their own culinary tourism product,” said Darienne Mobley, Co-Executive Director, Louisiana Travel Promotion Association. “People are motivated to travel for various reasons and the latest trends prove that culinary experiences are a driving force that offers travelers an authentic and cultural adventure.” Craig Wilson, Manager of the New Zealand Food and Wine Tourism Network, said “This first Report and Readiness Index provides a wonderful snapshot for the destinations involved. I’m sure many other destinations will want to be involved in future to see how they compare with their competitors.”

Some of the more interesting discoveries from the Report include:

· Of the destinations surveyed, Scotland is the most prepared culinary destination in the world (ranking 79/100), followed by Louisiana (USA, ranking 70/100) and Ontario (Canada, ranking 67/100). The least prepared culinary travel destination surveyed (and the one with the greatest potential for growth) is South Africa (ranking 28/100).

· Peru is the only destination surveyed with a dedicated culinary travel page on Facebook: Interestingly, Belgium was the only other destination with a Facebook page (although not dedicated exclusively to culinary travel).

· Of the destinations surveyed, South Korea produces the most printed collateral on culinary travel (countless guides, maps and brochures).

· Of the destinations surveyed, Ontario, Canada, had the greatest focus on the agricultural component of cuisine.

· Thirteen kinds of culinary traveler (consumer) behavior emerged from a new research study: Adventurer; Ambiance; Authentic; Budget; Eclectic; Gourmet; Innovative; Localist; Novice; Organic; Social; Trendy; and Vegetarian

· Among more than 11,000 culinary travelers (consumers) surveyed world-wide, the five most popular types of culinary travel behavior are (in order): 1) Localist; 2) Novice; 3) Eclectic; 4) Organic; and 5) Authentic. The three least popular type of culinary traveler behaviors are (in order of popularity), Innovative, Trendy and Vegetarian.

· Culinary traveler behavior results support the global growth of trends in buying locally and seasonally; increase in organic food market share; fostering a low carbon footprint; and overall desire to eat healthier (even while traveling).

· Culinary enthusiasts in New York City tend to prefer Gourmet, Trendy and Social culinary experiences.

· Culinary enthusiasts in Toronto, Canada tend to prefer Localist, Eclectic and Organic culinary experiences.

· Culinary enthusiasts in London, United Kingdom tend to prefer Eclectic, Gourmet and Authentic culinary experiences.

· Culinary enthusiasts in Shanghai, China tend to prefer Authentic, Eclectic and Trendy culinary experiences.

· Culinary enthusiasts in Sydney, Australia tend to prefer Eclectic, Authentic and Trendy culinary experiences

The International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA) is the world’s leading authority on culinary tourism. The Association’s President and CEO Erik Wolf has more than 20 years of experience in travel marketing. He is a popular speaker in the USA and abroad, and is considered as the go-to culinary tourism resource for media all over the globe. International Culinary Tourism Development is the world’s leading development consultancy on culinary travel. It specializes in culinary tourism strategies for destinations, mystery shopping for destinations and businesses, and the State of the Culinary Tourism Industry Report and Readiness Index.

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