Nekter Juice Bar Introduces Cold-Pressed Cocktail Mixers


nekter-on-the-rocksThree low-calorie cocktail mixers now available for retail purchase at all Nekter locations

Known for its fresh juices, Nekter Juice Bar has introduced Nekter on the Rocks, a collection of three low-calorie, premium cold-pressed HPP’d mixers that transform ordinary spirits into vibrant, flavorful cocktails. Made with farm-fresh fruits that are cold-pressed, each of the three Nekter on the Rocks mixers present a unique blend that is guaranteed to enable any home bartender to create cocktails executed with the skill and knowhow of a mixologist.

Following are the three varieties currently available at Nekter Juice Bar locations:

Beach Berries – a breezy blend of strawberries, blackberries, lemon, agave and basil.

Just add vodka and a splash of club soda for a Beach Berry Martini – basil for garnish. Make a splash into your favorite champagne for a Beach Berry Mimosa, or add to sparkling water or club soda for a non-alcohol refresher.

SoCal Margarita – a healthy California-inspired take on the classic margarita, made with lemons, limes, orange and agave.

Just add tequila for a refreshing margarita! Add SoCal Margarita mix to sparkling water or club soda for a refreshing, citrus-filled spritzer.

Arizona Sunset – a dazzling sunset in a bottle made with grapefruit, orange, blood orange, peach and agave.

Add to your favorite rum, and pitch a mini umbrella under the desert sun! Just add vodka for a beautifully bright martini, or sprinkle a dash or two into Champagne for a Sunday morning mimosa.

‘Nekter has become a part of so many lifestyles that it only seemed natural to incorporate the purity of our ingredients and our overall philosophy into a the adult beverage market, where there are an abundance of high-sugar, processed mixers, commented Steve Schulze, President of Nekter Juice Bar, who co-founded the concept with his wife Alexis in 2010. ‘After almost two years of beta testing and creating with mixologists, we are confident that Nekter on the Rocks are not only among the healthiest mixers on the market, but the absence of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and heavy syrups, only goes to ensure that they are also the best tasting.

Nekter on the Rocks is now available at all 51 Nekter Juice Bar locations. Each mixer is 80 calories or less without the alcohol and made with all natural fruits and plant-based ingredients. Each mixer can be paired with wines or spirits, and can also serve as refreshing spritzers when added to sparkling water or club soda.

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posted by Andrea Gonzalez 6/10/15

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