National Waiter and Waitress Day


Wait staffs across the nation deliver quality service with a smile on a daily basis, and tomorrow’s (May 21) National Waiter and Waitress Day was established to recognize their commitment to the hospitality industry.

How do waiters and waitresses manage to maintain their friendly attitudes and smiles and continue to provide quality service day after day? The Southern Steak & Oyster’s top-notch staff took time to share a few trade secrets designed to help diners get the best service when eating out. Kendall Morales, Esquire magazine’s “2012 Hostess of the Year,”shares these helpful tips for ensuring a great dining experience:

– Build a one-on-one relationship with your regular servers at your favorite restaurants.
– Praise your server for the good things they do that are making your experience great.
– Speak up and inquire about any concerns politely.
– Approach your server with a positive attitude and understand that a large number of servers make a career in customer service and as wait staff in the hospitalityindustry.
– Celebrate with the staff. If there is a special occasion, notify the wait staff so they can help make the event more special.

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posted by Tiffany Haslacker

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