Mutt Lynch’s Reopens After 4-month Closure for Renovations


After a four-month closure for renovations, Mutt Lynch’s is back – better and bigger than ever! Now in its 47th year, the iconic beach bar has reopened to the public, unveiling upgrades to its aesthetic and an expansion to its oceanfront bar, which now offers 25 seats.

Situated in a 100-year-old building, the 3400-square-foot beachfront bar needed upgrades to its electrical and plumbing, giving the family-owned business the opportunity for some aesthetic changes as well. Upgrades to the design were led by Meghan Murray, daughter of Mutt’s founders Gail and Dan Lynch. To execute her vision, Murray partnered with Jamie Flores, a local contractor who started as a dishwasher at Mutt Lynch’s 25 years ago and has been with the brand ever since. He is now a partner in the brand’s sister concept, Mutt’s, which opened in spring 2021 in Eastbluff Village Center and is responsible for its design alongside Murray.

In February, Mutt Lynch’s completed its renovation and welcomed eager guests back into the restaurant. Notable upgrades include additional beachfront bar seating, garage door-style roll-up windows, renovated and recovered booth seating, pop art wall tiling, and the addition of a communal booth underneath a “Schoon-delier” – a custom chandelier made of the 32oz goblet that has become synonymous with the brand. Even with its fresh new look, Mutt Lynch’s continues to exude the historic charm and character that have made this beach bar a community staple for decades.

Murray’s design exemplifies Americana at the beach, bringing to life repurposed retro furnishings while fusing California boardwalk culture and layered pub history to reinvigorate its one-of-a-kind vibe. Mutt Lynch’s is widely recognized for its convivial atmosphere, for which it has garnered numerous accolades, including being named one of North America’s Best Beach Bars by Men’s Journal. Post-expansion, the oceanfront restaurant continues to boast one of the most extensive menus in Orange County with over 200 items, including classic dishes and innovative creations from regulars that have become menu mainstays. Additional upgrades are expected this summer as the iconic eatery looks to expand its alcohol offerings to include full liquor.

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