Motel Kids Seeking Help on Fundraising Site


Bruno w: the Motel Kids$25,000 Donation Earns Catered Wedding Reception At Anaheim White House

There are several Internet fundraising sites that have earned considerable attention for helping people generate funding for any number of projects from celebs like Kristin Bell who successfully had her film project, “Veronica Mars,” completely underwritten by fans to the man who raised $55,000 to prepare his first potato salad.But there is a fundraising effort just being launched for a much more important cause and there’s a bonus attached to those who give. Chef/restaurateur Bruno Serato has tapped INDIEGOGO to raise much-needed funds for his Caterina’s Club, a nonprofit that feeds 5,000 “motel kids” each week and now finds permanent housing for many of those families. The term “motel kids” was coined as they are the children of working poor who are forced by economic challenges to live in cheap motels, many of them plagued by drugs, prostitution and other criminal activity. In addition to the dangers they face, many of these youngsters would go hungry if not for Caterina’s Club.

Serato has pledged to offer bonuses based on the dollar amount pledged from a free T-shirt for those giving $30 to a fully catered wedding reception for 150 guests for those donating $25,000 (includes 3-course meal, Champagne, valet service, opulent private banquet room and non-alcoholic beverages).

To donate and see the complete list of incentives, visit
Deadline to donate is Thursday, November 20.

Some interesting facts:

· For most “motel” families, homelessness was not caused by substance abuse or mental illness but financial loss.

· Even though 75% of men and women living in motels are employed, the average family income of $1,475 per month just isn’t enough to escape motel living.

· There are 75 residential motels in Anaheim alone.

· In OC, a person earning minimum wage would need to work 141 hours per week to afford a 1-bedroom apartment.

In addition to gracing the pages of People Magazine several times, appearing on countless national television programs including “CBS Evening News” and being profiled in newspapers and magazines the world over, it’s his place among CNN’s Top 10 Heroes for which he’s best known. He has also been knighted by the Italian government, received a humanitarian award on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, was honored by the Good News Foundation (LA female newscasters who offer financial grants to worthy causes), received numerous proclamations, Man of the Year awards and other forms of recognition — all of which he has accepted to generate public awareness of hunger in our communities.

For more information, visit Anaheim White House is located at 887 South Anaheim, Anaheim; (714) 772-1381.

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