More Free Birthday Meals

365 announces the addition of over 12,000 listings to their website that allows visitors to find restaurants in their city and state that offer a free meal, free appetizer, free drink, dessert or gift on their birthday.

Since launching in March of this year, has received visits from over 40,000 people in 71 different countries.

When asked about the most popular content on the site, founder Mark Minks replied, “The site was built for a United States audience, and U.S. visitors represent 98% of our traffic. Our most popular pages have been the California and Florida pages, followed by the National page which lists national chains throughout the United States that offer something free for a birthday. Rounding out the top ten are the Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Minnesota, Ohio and North Dakota pages.”

Co-founder Matt Cox added, “We’ve added over 12,000 new listings for all 50 states and Washington, DC. Of the 12,900 pages on the site, over 11,500 pages, or about 89%, have already been viewed by website visitors. We are very happy with these numbers, as they show that people are interested in and searching for the content we provide, and demonstrate that we are effectively engaging with our online audience.”

Matt also added, “Restaurants providing something free for your birthday is a win-win for both the restaurant and the customer. Restaurants know that by giving people something free on their birthday they’re going to attract more business. People often celebrate birthdays with friends and family, and customers will provide repeat business to the restaurants they like long after the birthday meal is over. For customers, going out to a restaurant you like and getting something for free is a great way to celebrate your birthday.” He also noted, “Signing up for restaurant e-club newsletters and getting something free on your birthday, and in many cases just for signing up, is a great way to stretch your budget.”

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