Montague Inspires Foodservice Pros to Shine in TECHNOSTAR&#226


The Montague Company Tstar contest

Montague Inspires Foodservice Pros to Shine in TECHNOSTARâ„¢ Heavy Duty Restaurant Range Giveaway

Great chefs are treated like celebrities these days, and rightfully so. Perhaps that’s why Montague, maker of the world’s finest cooking equipment since 1857, is breathing new life into that idea with their 60 Seconds to Stardom range giveaway.

Enticing eager foodservice professionals from around the world, Montague invites chefs, operators and owners to create and submit a 60-second video telling why they deserve to win a heavy duty TECHNOSTARâ„¢ Heavy Duty Restaurant Range. Submissions will be judged on creativity, need and enthusiasm; and finalists will be presented at the National Restaurant Show, May 16-19, 2015 in Chicago where guests to the Montague booth will be able to vote for their favorite video.

Competing for incredible TECHNOSTARâ„¢ quality
Pros can’t help but be fired up over the chance to win a FREE Montague TECHNOSTARâ„¢ Heavy Duty Restaurant Range, offering consistent performance, unsurpassed control over open-burner cooking, plus easy maintenance. Raised-port, lift-off star burners-the industry’s most efficient-provide maximum cooking power. Robust, heavy-duty construction offers years of performance. An even top surface-from guardrail to high back-ensures that pots and pans slide smoothly. Controls are located in “cool zone” to assure extended, trouble-free operation. And springless, counter-weighted doors deftly withstand daily abuse and feature a lifetime warranty.

60 seconds to stardom. Just weeks to the contest deadline.
Hopeful foodservice pros should hurry if they want a chance to win a FREE Montague TECHNOSTARâ„¢ Range. All 60 Seconds to Stardom entries must be received by May 8, 2015. Full contest information and submission instructions can be found at

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