M&M’S World Las Vegas Celebrates Opening Of World’s Largest M&M’S Candy Wall


The Las Vegas strip is known for its visual attractions and it’s about to get one more, at least temporarily. M&M’S World Las Vegas is celebrating the recent opening of its breathtaking new candy wall the largest M&M’S candy wall in the world with a stunning 3-D representation of the wall designed on the sidewalk outside the store.

M&M’S World Las Vegas has partnered with the We Talk Chalk art group to create an other-worldly and magical three-dimensional chalk rendering of the larger-than-life candy wall. Fans can watch the artists bring the visual to life, as well as pose for pictures with the mural once complete.

As part of the growing M&M’S World Las Vegas store, fans now have an opportunity to explore the new candy wall that spans more than 62 feet wide and includes 125 tubes of colorful M&M’S, offering 22 varieties and 11 flavors.

M&M’S World stores are located in New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Henderson (Nev.) and London, each packed with a huge range of exclusive M&M’S chocolates and merchandise, including clothing, kitchenware, bedding, jewelry, and glassware, as well as seasonal items and locally-themed M&M’S branded products.m&m logo

posted by Sarah McCallum

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