Mixology Tips from the Experts



Mixology Tips from the Experts


Choose limes that are dark green and soft and pliable to the touch.

Don’t refrigerate limes before using. Keep room temp for optimal juicing results.

The juice of half of a lemon or lime is equal to a 1/2 once.

For fresh lime juice, cut the lime in half cross-wise and place the lime half cut-side down toward the holes of the citrus squeezer and squeeze handles to extract juice.


When adding liquids to a shaker, always add you ice last.

Never put a carbonated beverage in a shaker. Instead, top the drink after the contents of the shaker have been added over ice.

When shaking, fill the shaker 3/4 full and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. You can tell the contents are chilled enough if there is condensation on the shaker.


When muddling mint, press and twist the muddler straight down. Don’t shred and don’t include the stems, they’ll add bitterness.


Agave nectar is sweeter than honey and sugar, and is a great sweetener option in tequila cocktails.


For a “chilled glass,” fill the glass with ice water and swirl around. Dump the ice water and your chilled glass is ready for its cocktail.

Tips provided by Familia Camarena Tequila

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