Miguel’s Jr. Top Secret Menu


Miguel’s Jr. has a secret that only their biggest fans have known about until now…

Introducing Miguel’s Jr.’s Secret Menu, a collection of menu hacks known and loved by Miguel’s Jr.’s fans that are being unveiled for the first time.

Starting April 15, for a limited time, featured items from Miguel’s Jr. secret menu will be added to the menu for drive-thru and carry out.

Featured Miguel’s Jr. Secret Menu Items

  • Pop’s Burrito: choice of authentically seasoned protein, fresh tomatoes, creamy guacamole and our famous hot sauce
  • Taquito in a Burrito:1 crispy taquito inside any burrito
  • Mulita: Similar to a quesadilla, made from two corn tortillas. Not folded.
  • Bean & Cheese Quesadilla: Miguel’s Jr.’s famous beans added inside any quesadilla.
  • Relleno Stuffed Burrito with Potatoes: Relleno Burrito with green chile verde marinated potatoes added inside.
  • Root Beer with Orange Bang:Tastes like a float!
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