McDonalds to Open on Christmas


Just days after Ad Age revealed an internal memoshowing McDonald’s is pushing franchisees to open on Christmas in a bid to lift December sales, the effects of the policy on the fast food giant’s workers is starting to hit home. As schedules for Christmas day come in, it’s becoming clear that workers will have to give up spending the holiday with their families to work. Workers organized withFast Food Forward to improve their pay and working conditions.

The McDonald’s Christmas memo is just the latest indication the company has little regard for its workforce. A piece by Bloomberg earlier this monthchronicled the life ofTyree Johnson, whohas worked at McDonald’s stores in Chicago for 20 years, but still earns minimum wage.In those 20 years the pay of the company’s CEO has rocketed up to 580 times Tyree’s salary, from 230 times when he first starting working at McDonald’s.

posted by Tiffany Haslacker

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