Making Your Message Memorable: 5 Tips That Add Value to Your Words


Some presenters think that if they talk longer, they are giving more value or getting their point across more effectively, when in reality, audiences of any size, from 5 to 500, are eager for content presented as efficiently and memorably as possible. Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Keynote Speaker, Executive Speech Coach, and Sales Presentation Skills Expert, gives us 5 tips that add value to your words:

1. Build rapport. When building rapport with an audience, you need to emotionally and intellectually connect. Think of it this way: logic makes you think, emotion makes
you act. You intellectually connect with your logical argument through specifics, statistics, charts and diagrams. You emotionally connect through eye contact, stories, content that creates a visual in the audience’s mind, and “you”-focused (rather than “I”-focused) language. This is incredibly important if you want to sell your ideas, a product or service.

2. Don’t be polite:get to the point.

3. Remove fluff and filler. Naturally you want to remove all the unnecessary fluff and filler. For example, avoid cliches like “each and every one of you in the room.” How often have you heard presenters say that? It’s adding nine unnecessary words! When you have made your message is clear and concise, divide the word count by the amount of time needed to deliver your presentation. Notice how much more valuable each word has become. Make every word count!

4. Watching the I-focused language

5. Logic sells, but close with emotion. Continue a presentation with logical incentives, but end with emotion. Remember that last words linger, and your goal is to be memorable.

posted by Tiffany Haslacker

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