Local Chefs Join the Coalition to Repeal the Ban on Foie Gras


Local Chefs David Coleman and Greg Daniels have joined a statewide chef movement to repeal Senate Bill No. 1520, a bill that prohibits a product from being sold in the state if it is the result of force feeding a bird for the purpose of enlarging the bird’s liver beyond normal size. The bill, scheduled to come into effect July 1, 2012 authorizes an officer to issue a citation for a violation of those provisions in an amount up to $1,000 per violation per day. Perhaps more a deterrent to some is the threat of activists taking violent action against them as families and companies have been threatened by extremists. Read the Law, a law with far reaching ramifications that have yet to be examined.

C.H.E.F.S., The Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards is organizing events across the state to raise awareness and funds in an effort to repeal the law. Their website, www.chefstandards.com contains a full statement and legislative approach and should be “live” within a few weeks.

What you can do

-Sign a petition to ask the state to evaluate the science behind these bird farming practices and to allow for ethical practices.

-Speak your mind. Tell the local press about your views regarding the California farming practices, the treatment of birds and the precedent that this law sets.

-Contact Cathy Kennedy, Campaign Director of C.H.E.F.S.

-Host, join, attend or donate to a Foie Gras Chef dinner. Email Teri to coordinate certificate pickup.

-Donate directly to C.H.E.F.S.

Important Dates:

March 12 – Chefs meeting San Diego – email Cathy Kennedy for more info

March 12 – Haven Gastropub, Pasadena fundraising dinner

March 13 – Chefs meeting San Francisco – email Cathy Kennedy for more info

March 14 – Michael’s on Naples, Long Beach fundraising dinner

Products affected:

Foie Gras
Duck Fat
Duct Prosciutto
Duck Bacon
Duck Confit
Pet Food
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