Legendary Baking to Create Four-Foot Wide Pie


What is four feet wide, more than 200 pounds and made from scratch? A pie at the 12th Annual American Pie Council (APC) Great American Pie Festival, of course! To kick off this year’s festivities, Legendary Baking, a national bakery that specializes in the art of pie, will once again construct a larger-than-life pie in front of a live audience. Made with the bakery’s famous crust, fresh fruit and other delectable ingredients, this edible creation is sure to be any pie lover’s dream come true.

Legendary Baking’s Research and Development Team along with Mary Pint, who is recognized nationally as the “Pie Lady,” will artfully construct the giant pie as the audience watches while listening to the Jazz Chefs. The assembly will be from 11:10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, April 27, at Lakeside Park in Celebration, Florida. The pie will be available to taste for free while supplies last, and donations to Second Harvest food bank will be also be accepted.

posted by Paula Votendahl


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