Last Day to Dine-In at Il Barone


Il Barone Ristorante has created an outdoor dining space but today, is the last day to dine in.

This pandemic seems completely surreal. It’s been so devastating to the community. The damage that it has done to Franco and his wife Donatella and to all of the small business is heartbreaking.

Il Barone had just a glimpse of hope that all this mess was behind them.
They thank their guests, for your continuous support and words of encouragement. You gave them hope and strength to keep fighting and not to give up…
Today is the last day to dine in for a little while

Il Barone would love to see all of you come in for lunch or dinner. They have also created a dine al Fresco outdoor seating as well.

“Hope to see you today. Stay Safe.”

Il Barone Ristorante Franco Donatella

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