L’Assiette Dishes Steak Frites


This February, Jacques Fiorentino, veteran restaurateur, returns to the Los Angeles food scene after a 25-year hiatus to open L’Assiette, his pièce de resistance. L’Assiette, which means “the dish” in French, will feature one dish and one dish only: steak-frites. The simple yet sophisticated menu will also offer an extensive cheese and pastry selection as well as a variety of complementary imported and domestic beers and wines to create the quintessential steak-frites experience from start to finish.

The vision behind the menu stems from Jacques’ Parisian roots and time spent there with his son, Marc. Father and son wanted to bring their favorite French dining experience to LA, and ultimately kept coming back to one memorable taste sensation: steak-frites, which to them is the epitome of French dining. The Fiorentinos designed the all-inclusive meal to begin with a choice of soup or salad and fresh baguette, followed by the main course, a grilled sirloin dressed with a traditional house-made sauce accompanied with classic, golden pommes frites. To maintain the integrity of the dish from start to finish, the steak-frites will be served in two separate portions. Guests will be served one portion, and when appropriate, served a second helping of piping hot steak-frites.

Guests will also have the option to indulge in an additional course of cheese or dessert in order to create a complete steak-frites experience. A cart with a wide variety of artisanal domestic and imported cheeses, which are priced by the ounce, will be brought to each table for diners to design their own cheese plate. On the sweeter side, a selection of traditional French pastries will also be offered daily. The true gourmand can (and should!) indulge in both.

Both Jacques and Marc, along with partner Mary Anne Reyes (The Colonial Wine Bar, The Mandalay, and The Pearl Cocktail Lounge) look forward to a complete ambient transformation to create a new setting that seamlessly blends a traditional French brasserie with a modern aesthetic. L’Assiette will be open for dinner seven days a week with seating for 50 guests. The restaurant is located at 7166 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036 just west of La Brea Avenue.

posted by Sarah McCallum

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