Kosherfest’s 2013 New Products Competition


kosherfestSingle Serve k Cup Single Serve Coffee in three flavors chai tea, pareve cappuccino and hot chocolate introduced by Corim Industries of Brick, New Jersey, was selected by judges as Best in Show in Kosherfest’s 2013 New Product Competition. The product also won in the “Beverages” category.

Winners were crowned in 16 categories plus Best in Show, and were entered by companies from around the world. Entries were judged on such criteria as uniqueness, quality, presentation, taste, pricing and salability.

Among the winners were Solomon’s Sippets Soup Croutons introduced by the Kashrut Authority of Australia and New Zealand (in the category of Savory and Salty Snacks), Hickory Smoked Beef Brisket by Premier Tasty Meats of Plano, TX (Meats Seafood Poultry), Natural & Kosher Cheese Maker Selection by Anderson International of Jersey City, NJ (Dairy), Domain Ventura 2009 Merons Limited Edition by Happy Hearts Wine of Brooklyn, NY (Wines Beers or Spirits) and Breaded Chicken Fries by KJ Poultry of Monroe, NY (Deli Meats).

The panel of judges was comprised of Yakov M. Yarmove, Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods, NAI/Jewel-Osco; Marty Stein, Kosher Foods Buyer, KEHE Distributors/Tree of Life; Yoely Schoenfeld, Manager, Evergreen Supermarket; Deborah Shapiro, Sales and Marketing Manager/Loyalty, Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC (Bi-Lo/Winn Dixie); and Howie Klagsburn, Store Manager, Gourmet Glatt Emporium.

All winners will be displayed in the Winners Section New Products Showcase at the upcoming Kosherfest.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 12/02/13

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