King’s Fish House Launches Oyster Season


King's Fish HouseSeptember 1stis the official start of Oyster season, and whether you prefer briny, East Coast, or stuffed, most can agree that the little shuckers are satisfying. While the bivalves are available all year, true oyster connoisseurs know they’re best eaten in the colder months,from September to April. To celebrate-and in conjunction with itsnew raw bar-King’s Fish Houseis now offeringover 60 different varieties of oysters, harvested from the best farms in the United States and Canada.

The vast oyster selection includes the following:

·Pacific Oysters -Small and sweet and the world’s most cultivated oyster

· Kumamoto Oysters-Small, sweet, almost nutty oysters characterized by their deep, almost bowl-shaped shell

·Atlantic Oysters(Bluepoints, Wellfleets, and More)-Grown in Wellfleet Harbor in the northeastern part of Cape Cod

· European Flats-Characterized by their smooth flat shell (no surprise there!) and lovely seaweed and sharp mineral taste

As part ofKing Fish House’s brand new menu-in design and in presentation- its new raw bar offers sumptuous platters and up to 12 oyster options a day, with only the freshest oysters available. Guests are invited to come try the new selection from11am-9pm.

Posted By: Alexis Perry

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