K-Connection, A New Turn For African Fashion


K-Connection, a consulting firm specialized in African Fashion, is partnering with Votre Avant garde, a public relations and marketing agency, in an effort to promote African fashion designers in the United States.Africa ’s burgeoning fashion scene weaves the tale of a continent on the up. But the increasing global prominence of African vogue is still to be matched by a profitable industry.At the helm of a new movement to make this dream a reality is K-Connection, a Miami-based consultancy determined to give American high streets an exquisite makeover. K-CONNECTION aims to support the growth of African fashion labels by providing designers with essential strategic advice and marketing solutions. “From our extensive work with designers and manufacturers within and outside Africa , it has become evident that despite the increasing global focus on African style, poor access to robust business development tools impairs our designers from capitalising on this lucrative upturn. K-Connection seeks to address this problem by presenting creators – at various levels of experience – with affordable advice and opportunities for growing their businesses,” explained CEO, Arlette Ngo Badjeck.

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