JT Foxx Purchases Le Castagne’s $26,000 Truffle Dinner on Cyber Monday


Serial entrepreneur JT Foxx is the first person to purchase Le Castagne’s $26,000 Truffle Dinner after this culinary news story was reported on first by The Huffington Post.

“Since timing is everything in life, this unique dining opportunity truly resonated with me,” said JT Foxx, founder of Mega Partnering. “After reading about it, I couldn’t dial Le Castagne fast enough to be the first to purchase this ultra exclusive one of a kind $26,000 truffle dinner.”

Added Foxx, “My success in business and real estate is based on hard work and timing. I always tell my students to be first and not last. If you want something, go get it because you only live once in life.”

“My team at Le Castagne and I are excited to host Mr. Foxx and his three other guests at our unique $26,000 Truffle Dinner,” said Anthony Masapollo, managing partner of Philadelphia Italian restaurant Le Castagne. “This will be an extraordinary culinary experience they will never forget.”

In December, JT Foxx will treat himself and his top three students from his upcoming Mega Partnering event to indulge in the $26,000 Truffle Dinner at Le Castagne in Philadelphia.

Posted by Lauren Grelle


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