Johnny Rockets Lures The Local Lunch Crowd With DBM Group’s “Please Post Immediately!” Program


Johnny Rockets announces a new partnership with Database Marketing (DBM) Group to launch a direct marketing campaign that connects Johnny Rockets venues with local businesses’ and their employees. In addition to attracting key customers during peak work time lunch hours, the Please Post Immediately!TM (PPITM) program allows franchise owners to tailor the marketing collateral specific to their store. The campaign also offers special deals to customers while using analytics to track the program’s success.

Initially launched in 11 markets throughout the U.S., the PPITM program resulted in an average of 24.5 percent business customer redemption rate for Johnny Rockets during a two-month test period, compared to the typical 3 percent return seen with other mass direct mail sent to consumers at home. The program has since expanded into 52 restaurant locations. Through the PPITM program, Johnny Rockets creates a customized plan for each market and store to reach relevant companies nearby and target potential customers at work when they are making a lunch time decision regarding where to eat.

The PPITM marketing collateral is sent to companies in Johnny Rocket’s “customer trade area,” or the radius surrounding the restaurant that attracts people who are in walking or brief driving distance. To further entice businessmen and women seeking a quick lunch, Johnny Rockets provides the targeted companies exclusive offers through the trademarked program, which are posted in the office common areas inviting employees to enjoy the classic all-American food. The most popular offer to-date has been the “Buy One, Get One Free” coupon for the Original Hamburgers or another choice entree, which was used by more than 44.1 percent of professionals during the test period.

“With consumers at work eating out three to four meals per week, the variety of lunchtime offerings at Johnny Rockets is the perfect fit for our approach in bringing delicious meal options to businesses nearby,” said Kurt Whitmer DBM Group Executive Vice President. “Further, we research the best way to market Johnny Rockets to each business audience before implementing the program to ensure we not only attract new customers, but also help build lifelong patrons.”

“From our Original Hamburgers to our classic Tuna Melts, Johnny Rockets offers a range of foods to energize the business crowd during their lunch break,” said Johnny Rockets Director of Field Marketing Lisa Bass. “With implementing the Please Post Immediately!TM Program, we are able to effectively target a key group of people at the right time and place, while growing our presence in the community. Additionally, the unique program tracking allows us to analyze what offers were the biggest hits and improve on future incentives to service our customers better.”

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Posted 9/9/10.

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