Joan of Arc Cheese’s 95th Anniversary


brieSaputo Cheese USA Inc. (Saputo) is pleased to introduce a variety of new specialty cheese offerings under the Joan of Arc brand, a tantalizing line of premium French favorites. These cheeses and the line’s other offerings will be available starting this month in newly redesigned packaging. The Joan of Arc brand, which is celebrating its 95th anniversary, is available exclusively through Saputo’s specialty cheese group and can be found in select retailers nationwide.

Joan of Arc brie is the oldest trademarked French brie in the United States; it has been imported since 1918. The five new Joan of Arc products expand upon decades of tradition, bringing consumers a variety of lavish double and triple crème brie options as well as two flavor-infused double crème brie cheeses. These new products nicely complement the broad line which also includes plain and flavored chèvres and Roquefort, among others.

The redesigned product packaging gracefully presents the line’s premium specialty cheese offerings with fresh, richly-colored labels. Product attributes like “decadently creamy and buttery” are given prominent placement on the new packaging. Similarly, serving suggestions and beverage pairings are also more clearly conveyed.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 12/07/13

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