JACKshrimp Needs New Location


JackShrimpIt has been an amazing 25 years since Jackshrimp Newportopenedin 1989!

2015 brings JACKshrimpeven more new and exciting challenges and opportunities…As of Dec 31st, Jackshrimp’slease is up at theCoast Highway location. Over the following weeks we will be winding down our operationsso please come in as soonand as often asyou can andget your Jack fix while the gettin is good, visit your favorite server and raise a glass with everyone at Jackshrimp!

There area few potential locations currentlyin the works, but nothing solidified as of yet. VIPswill be among the first to know once a new Jackshrimp location is found.Please feel free to combine any of your outstanding gift cards you may have. There is no set closing date at this time, but it is expected to wind things down within the next 60 or sodays. More specifics coming later. Stay tuned!

If you ever want to contact this restaurant, please just respond to this email orwrite me anytime at[email protected]

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