Hot Sauces From Taco Asylum Now Available for Retail Purchase


Executive Chef/Partner Greg Daniels’ line of taco asylum housemade hot sauces, which have become quite popular since the restaurant opened earlier this year, are now available for individual purchase. Chef Daniels’ Ghost Chili, Red Savina, and Cayenne varieties are available in 5 ounce bottles for $9.75 each.

“We first introduced a line of hot sauces to accentuate and enhance our line of non-traditional gourmet tacos, but our decision to make them available for retail purchase was driven almost entirely by our guests,” commented Chef Daniels, whose original recipes are used to create the hot sauces. “The sauces have created a cult-like following with YouTube videos and blog posts dedicated to their consumption, and we expect to have a hard time keeping these in stock on our shelves.”

The hot sauces, which are known for their unparalleled spiciness, are labeled to resemble prescription medication.

“We wanted to have fun with the product labeling, while letting consumers know that these are serious sauces with some intense heat,” added Chef Daniels. “After all, the Ghost Chili, or Bhut Jolokia, is widely recognized as the hottest pepper in the world – some argue that our Ghost Chili sauce is 400 times the heat of your standard Tabasco sauce.”

Currently, the Ghost Chili, Red Savina, and Cayenne hot sauces (all vegan), are available at taco asylum at The CAMP in Costa Mesa. For more information, address, hours and menu, visit

Posted by Lauren 05/11/11

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