The Hobbit Welcomes Speratus Wines


The Hobbit is happy to announce the arrival of Speratus wines to our cellar.

From the fruit, to the barrel, winemaking and marketing everything about Speratus is donated. Every dollar made by Speratus goes directly to a scholarship fund for at risk youth.

Speratus takes its name from the Latin word sperare “to hope”. It is hope that Speratus provides for families in need. Sales of Speratus wines provide scholarship funds to low income families in California, so that they may have the opportunity to secure a great education for their children. Speratus founders Kelly Trevethan and Jean Hoefliger are working with fruit donated by world class growers such as Andy Beckstoffer, Flora Springs Vineyards, Maldonado Family and Spottswood to name a few. Jean donates his time with winemaking and Alpha Omega Winery provides the production facility. All barrels, bottles, corks, marketing material, etc. are also donated to ensure 100% of proceeds go to change the lives of eager students throughout California.
hobbitposted by Sarah McCallum

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