Harris Ranch Introduces Online Chef!


Harris Ranch had introduced their new innovation of the Online Chef that are design for those average consumers does not always have the time to search through a cookbook after a busy day at work. And it is available from any smart phone.

The consumer may simply scans the QR code located on the Harris Ranch point-of-sale display at the grocers’ meat case. The consumer will then be instantly directed to the company’s site where each recipe is broken down by the cut that is selected. Whether stewing, braising, grilling or roasting, the Online Chef provides quick and easy recipes that will make preparing a meal fast and easy. With the help of the Harris Ranch Online Chef, each customer can become the master of his or her own kitchen.

The new point-of-purchase program will be featured on header cards, shelf talker cards and posters and will be free to all consumers.

Posted by Ann Chen


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