Glace Luxury Ice has announced that it has signed a distribution deal with Sysco Food’s Chef Ex division. Sysco is the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food and beverage industry products. The new deal now makes the complete line of Glace Luxury Ice products available to any restaurant, bar or lodging facility that has an order account with Sysco.Available in two shapes, the original Mariko Sphere, or the newer G3 (G Cubed), Gli¤ce Luxury Ice is the world’s leading premium drink-ice brand. Its proprietary manufacturing process creates a zero-taste(TM) profile ice which, unlike traditional ice products, allows the consumer to maximize the beverage experience. The elegant design of Gli¤ce Ice products provides minimum dilution and maximum cooling, greatly enhancing enjoyment at the point of consumption. Gli¤ce Luxury Ice provides consumers with a top-shelf choice for ice that matches their premium spirit selection.Pricing for trade and hospitality is $150 for a 50 piece case of Gli¤ce. Retail pricing is $200 for a 50 piece case.”Gli¤ce Luxury Ice is experiencing rapid adoption at 4 and 5 Star hospitality locations, making it possible to serve a consistent drink experience world-wide for the first time in cocktail history.” said Roberto Sequeira, Founder and Principal of Gli¤ce Luxury Ice Co. “The deal with Sysco will allow more consumers to improve their cocktail experience with our products as the premium cooling option at restaurants and bars around the world.”Posted By Kristin 7/9/11

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