Fruit Tips From Dole: How To Market Healthy Menu Items


Appealing menu descriptions are the easiest way to leverage “good for you” menu items. Instead of “healthy”- a term customers interpret as bland or generic-try “guilt-free,” “fresh tasting,” and “fruit-filled.” As Dole knows, not many diners can resist the all natural goodness and appeal of fruit. Even better, with an extensive line of DOLE Fresh Frozen and Packaged Fruit Products, Dole can ensure your fruit-forward menu items arrive at the table with freshly picked fruit flavor and texture all year round.

Visit to browse the product categories to see which DOLE products best fit your menu. While on the site, check out the Dole recipe database. From appetizers (Seared Wasabi Mango Scallops) to desserts(Berry Sorbet), Dole can help you design a menu of attractive, healthful dishes with customer appeal.

posted by Tiffany Haslacker

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