Fresh Family Pack Expands With Third Cheese-Packaging Location


Fresh Family Pack, a specialty cheese packager, has announced that its acquired an 80,000 square foot building not far from its location in Monticello, WI. The purchase is the third building for the company. Fresh Family Pack expects the new building to be highly automated and focused on cheese cut-and-wrap and cheese crumble product lines. Its expected opening date is March 2013.

“We are excited about the new possibilities that this plant offers for the continued growth and expansion of Family Fresh Pack. We also feel it will contribute to the economic development of Monticello, and Wisconsin,” says General Manager Todd Kriebs.

Since 1995 Family Fresh Pack has operated as a specialty cheese packaging converter in the heart of Wisconsin’s cheese country.In the early years, the company focused on cutting bulk cheese into retail cuts, and vacuum packaging.Today, Family Fresh Pack provides deli-style cut-and-wrap operations, and packages cheese crumbles in retail deli cups. Its packaging and product lines have expanded to include savory cream cheese spreads, nut-covered cheese balls and cheese logs and a variety of cold pack spreads.The original Belleville plant currently focuses on spreads and form fill packaging. The Monticello plant runs the main cut-and-wrap business, the cheese crumbles line, and specialties including the cheese ball line, and cheese-stuffed Peppadew peppers.This year, new additions to the Monticello plant’s specialties are Mediterranean-inspired cheese-stuffed olives, and olive tapenades featuring Wisconsin Feta cheese.

Posted by Markus Micheaels


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