Fresh California Avocados


Fresh California Avocados love a celebration, and love to be part of any party from March through September. In the hearts of Fresh California Avocado lovers, a holiday like Cinco de Mayo is an eagerly anticipated occasion to gather and enjoy their favorite fruit.

With Cinco de Mayo a leading event on everyone’s Fresh California Avocado calendar, maximize the experience for your customers with their menu favorites. Blessed with a mild, nutty taste, a rich, smooth texture and ever-growing popular appeal, Fresh California Avocados add a special spin to both new and traditional dishes. To maximize the Cinco de Mayo Experience for your customers, stick with Fresh California menu favorites. Start with a Verde Margarita as your featured cocktail. For vegetarians and vegans, offer a refreshing Coconut-California Avocado Ceviche. Heartier eaters will always enjoy Grilled California Avocado and Steak Arepas with Avocado Cream.

posted by Sarah McCallum

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