Announces Website Launch

314 announces the launch of their new website that allows visitors to find restaurants in their city and state that offer a free meal on their birthday.

When asked about the inspiration for the website, founder Mark Minks replied, “ was designed as a result of not being able to find a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of restaurants that offer free birthday meals in Phoenix, Arizona. We searched the Internet and found several decent listings of restaurants that offered free birthday meals, but the listings were not kept up to date, were not localized to a particular city and state, and most important of all, were not searchable. We decided to create so visitors could search for free birthday meals by city, state, cuisine type, etc., and so that any website visitor, including a restaurant owner, could add a new restaurant to the site and help us keep the site current.”

Co-founder Matt Cox added, “Restaurants know that by giving people something free on their birthday they’re going to attract more business. For customers, going out to a restaurant you like and getting something for free is a great way to celebrate your birthday with friends and family.” He also noted, “Signing up for restaurant e-club newsletters and getting free food on your birthday, and in some cases just for signing up, is a great way to stretch your birthday budget.”

Posted on 04/06/11 by Allison

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