Fred Water Taps Into Hotels Near You


Fred Water, the first bottled water company to recommend refilling with tap, announced earlier this week that it has reimagined the old-fashioned Water Tower for select placements in hotel lobbies, trendy cafes and high-design home use. The Fred Water Tower debuted at Joie de Vivre’s new The Epiphany Hotel in downtown Palo Alto, and will roll-out in Commune Hotels’ select Joie De Vivre and Thompson Hotels properties, offering guests of these hip hotels a way to refill their Fred bottle throughout their stay. The goal? Elevate water in people’s daily lives in an environmentally conscious way.

“Fred Water is focused on elevating water in people’s daily lives,” said Adam Gayner, CEO of Fred Water. “Bottled Water has taken a beating due to eco concerns. First, we addressed the issue with bottles built-to-refill, coming down hard on the Bottled Water concept of drink and toss’. Now our USA-Made Fred Water Tower offers hydration in a new and exciting way; while also respecting our environment.”

“We’re honored that Fred has selected Commune Hotels to introduce its Water Tower concept, and that our newest Joie de Vivre hotel, The Epiphany — located in a hub of disruptive innovation — was the first placement,” said Niki Leondakis, CEO of Commune Hotels & Resorts, parent company of Joie de Vivre. “Guest rooms are furnished with the flask-shaped bottles that can be refilled in the hotel lobby, making it easy for our guests to stay healthy and feel great during their stay. We support Fred’s mission and their bold, eco-minded approach to promoting healthy hydration.”

Hand-polished, NSF-Certified food grade stainless steel, the Tower sits more than four-and-a-half feet tall and is offered in three, four and five gallon sizes. The simple drop-in activated charcoal filter removes chlorine, odor and taste from regular tap water, allowing people to have refreshing water in their daily life. Coupled with Fred’s pocket-friendly flask-shaped bottles, Fred Water offers the most portable solution for staying hydrated on the go.

Posted by Meghan Ogilvie

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