For Ice Cream Nerds Only


What makes Coolhaus premium ice cream so darn good?

CREAMY – The percentage of overrun is determined by how much air gets churned into the ice cream in the process of making it (some brands like to fluff up their ice cream because air is free, hence a cheaper product is formed!). The less air, the more creamy it is!

SMOOTH – Good texture is determined by the percentage of food solids and butterfat in your product. The higher the percentage, the smoother the texture. That slightly coarse grit you get in more commercial brands? It’s because they have a lower food solid percentage!

DECADENT – the thoughtful selection of inclusions in their flavors allow them to reach their maximum potential! It’s how we get our chocolate ice creams to be MORE chocolatey, or the more unique combinations to dance with each other (*ahem* Milkshake & Fries)! Thinking about good inclusions also means considering the purity of ingredients. Coolhaus sources the best quality, sustainable ingredients whenever possible.

TL;DR Low overrun + high butterfat + pure inclusions = what makes us the creamiest, smoothest, most decadent ice cream you’ll find on shelves. The more you know.

Want more science? Check out what they did with GoldieBlox!

Watch Natasha take junior culinary scientist Alicia behind the magic (and mess!) of ice cream making for their latest episode of Fast Forward Girls!

Coolhaus had a lot of fun learning with this team about STEM and young women empowerment. Cheers to the next generation of food scientists!

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