Food Industry Survey and Food Signage


ssrsTo determine what’s important to consumers when ordering or selecting food, a recent survey of 1,000 men and women across the U.S. was conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) for Imprint Plus, a leading manufacturer of customized, re-usable name badge and signage systems. When asked, if it was important to include ingredients and nutritional information in food signage, an overwhelming 82% of the respondents reported it as important. It was also reported that 62% of those surveyed stated that they are concerned about food allergies, sugar content and calorie intake when ordering food and beverages.

‘With two-thirds of Americans struggling with weight issues and food allergy concerns, it is not surprising that dining out or taking food home from self-serve food establishments is challenging, says Kristin MacMillan, Imprint Plus president and sponsor of the survey. ‘Furthermore, eating out or taking prepared foods home accounts for about one third of the average person’s total food intake and food labeling helps the consumer in making the right choices for healthy living.

In responding to these concerns, the FDA introduced new guidelines last year requiring clear and upfront labeling of caloric intake for certain foods and food establishments. Under the new FDA regulations, calorie counts must be shown not only for the food at sit-down restaurants, but also at other locales including amusement parks and movie theaters serving popcorn and snacks, pizza parlors, self-serve salad bars and buffets, drive-thru windows, ice cream stores, delis, convenience stores or grocery stores making made-to order sandwiches or hot dogs, and coffee shops offering baked goods.

‘It’s so important to allow the consumer to make informed and health-conscious decisions when choosing what to eat, adds Ms. MacMillan. ‘With the new FDA regulations and proper food signage, consumers can avoid foods that cause health issues and keep track of their caloric intake whether they are dining out or taking home prepared foods.

Imprint Plus offers food establishments a green and economical means of effectively labeling foods with its reusable signage systems. The signage kits are a fast and economical way to make customized signs, specifically designed for the food industry, on-site and as often as needed. With the patented design software, stylish signage is created on-site by simply typing in the details about the food item, adding a photograph or food establishment logo if desired, and printing the patented inserts using a standard laser or inkjet printer. The inserts slide into the signage, which can be used again and again. When a menu item changes or there is a special promotion, the insert can easily be replaced. The signs are also food safe and can be wiped clean.


posted by Andrea Gonzalez 6/8/15

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