First Ever Milk Produced from 100% Grass-Fed Cows Unveiled


Newcomer to the dairy scene, Organic Valley Grassmilk has produced a refrigerated type of milk that is gathered from cows that are fed a diet entirely of 100% grass. Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analysis named the product “Innovation of the Week” the third week of June. Three specific types of grass, rye, wheat clover, and orchard, are put into the process and fed to certain cows at designated times. Organic Valley claims that their cows are not fed any type of soybeans or supplemental grains during the feeding process. Furthermore, this process voids the milk of any synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, antibiotics, or GMO’s. Additionally, the milk, because of its naturally strengthened process, is rich in omega-3’s, CLA, and calcium. The milk is offered in three varieties: Whole, Fat Free, and Two-Percent.

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor says that “there is some evidence that consumers are already warm to the concept of grass-fed milk, so this could easily be a product whose time has come.”He adds that “consumer interest in various inputs for packaged food and beverage products is on the rise.In addition, there may be significant environmental advantages to feeding cows grass rather than resource intensive feed grains like corn, oats and more.”

Posted by Markus Micheaels


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