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The FareTrade, a Los-Angeles based start-up aimed at providing America’s best small-batch food pioneers a platform for national exposure, announced the public launch of its exclusive service, which started March 7, 2014. The monthly subscription, which partners with an ever-rotating cast of respected and boundary-pushing chef talent to hand-select a basket of crafted food goods, costs $65 inclusive of tax and shipping. Members-exclusive video tutorials and recipes from the chefs and artisans provide expert guidelines for mastering each basket’s items while fostering and strengthening the relationship between producer and consumer, a tenet of the company’s brand ethos. For The FareTrade team, the platform represents a commitment to the support of blossoming epicurean talent and nurturing progressive food artists coupled with creating unique, experiential opportunities to connect the food community at-large; a culinary club for the modern day food lover.

The goal of The FareTrade is to showcase the best micro-artisan offerings across the country in a satiating-yet-educational package. Continually traveling from coast to coast to discover the most progressive and exciting food goods, the team is dedicated to profiling purveyors that deserve an opportunity to flourish, introducing them into the kitchens of food enthusiasts across America. Companies profiled in the first several baskets of The FareTrade will include Willy B’s Hot Sauce in Los Angeles, California; Liber & Co. from Austin, Texas; and Sfoglini Pasta Shop based out of Brooklyn, NY. The FareTrade seeks to identify innovators within the artisan food world, reinforcing the necessity to support and sustain those dedicated to revitalizing the good food movement and ushering in a culinary revolution based on sustainable, locally driven production methods.

With the launch of The FareTrade comes the opportunity to enhance the kitchen skills of members across the nation from the comfort of their own household. Taught by award-winning chefs and restaurateurs, dubbed by the company as “Epicurean Curators,” initial partners include Mark Estee (Esquire “Best New Restaurant” 2013, Campo Reno in Reno, NV), Jamie Malone (“Best New Chef: 2013”, Food & Wine, Sea Change, Minneapolis, MN), Brooke Williamson (Finalist, Top Chef: Seattle, The Tripel, Playa Del Rey, CA), and Matthew Gaudet (“Best New Chef: 2013”, Food & Wine West Bridge, Cambridge, MA). Each chef, having personally selected their respective basket items, provides four private recipes that The FareTrade subscribers are encouraged to re-create and master. With one-click convenience, subscribers can access video and web content discovering how to best integrate their new products into everyday cooking while learning chef-driven tips and enhancing their kitchen know-how forever. The FareTrade identifies the culinary talent based on the chef’s enthusiasm in supporting small-batch producers and ensure skill level and ambition is in accordance with The FareTrade’s high standards.

Each month, members of The FareTrade can expect vibrant offerings and an opportunity to develop a desirable network of like-minded food lovers connecting with chefs and artisans while sharing recipes and stories with other subscribers. “People want to feel good about what they’re eating” said Co-Founder Jake Ahles, “The FareTrade not only introduces delectable items into our members homes each month, but also to connect with those who create and utilize these goods each day in their workshops and kitchens” The company’s slogan perhaps best sums up their mission: “The Craveable Life: Available Now.”

The FareTrade memberships are limited and available now. To sign up for a FareTrade membership and become an epicurean adventurer, please visit For the latest news about The FareTrade, become a fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter
Posted by Meghan Ogilvie

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