El Monterey Introduces Hearty and Delicious Burritos


El Monterey, operating out of Dinuba, California, introduces new Hearty and Delicious Burritos for healthier late night and early morning snacks. The new flavors include Huevos Rancheros Burrito; Egg, Turkey Sausage and Cheese Burrito; Chicken with Fire Roasted Veggies Burrito; and Steak with Fire Roasted Veggies Burrito.

“For those customers who want to offer foods that promote a healthier lifestyle,” said Chairman and interim President and CEO of Ruiz Foods, Kim Ruiz Beck. “Our new El Monterey Hearty and Delicious Burritos are a healthy and satisfying full flavor experience and are fast and convenient to serve.”

Each 5-ounce burrito is served on a whole grain tortilla, with 15-17 grams of protein each, that are high in fiber, low in calories, and feature reduced sodium. Compared to El Monterey’s average 5-ounce burritos, the new Hearty and Delicious Burittos are 7.25% lower in total fat, 11.25% lower in saturated fat, 14% higher in dietary fiber, and are 26% lower in sodium.

To enjoy one of these delicious burritos, simply cook them in one of the standard heating methods available to you. Other El Monterey products include Taquitos, Quesdillas, Tamales, Cheesecake Bites, Tornados, and Chile Rellenos.

For more information visit El Monterey’s website.

Posted by Melanie Figueroa


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