Eco-Friendly, Water-Based, Oil and Grease Resistant (OGR) Coating For Food Packaging


Aqua Based Technologies, a division of ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. (OTCQB:ADMT), has introduced Aqualene 5050, a new, eco-friendly, water-based coating that is economical, repulpable and has high oil and grease resistance (OGR) for the paper converting, food packaging and food service industries. It is specifically designed for use with paper, board and new starch-based food packaging substrates (such as PLA) requiring resistance to oil and grease, including; food wrappers and bags, (especially for the fast-food industry), paper and paperboard packaging, microwave packaging, frozen food containers, paper plates, boxes, cups and other demanding packaging and food service applications.

Posted by Chantal Lozano


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