Domenico’s Thanks Patrons


When it was announced that all dining rooms in restaurants must close and restaurants could only stay open for take-out and delivery due to the coronavirus, Domenico’s chose to stay open. They did so to protect their 47 employees, and to continue to provide their food to their community as they have for the past 66 years.

At the time, Domenico’s did not know if there would be enough customers for only take-out and delivery to keep their doors open. But, they’ve since learned how much their faithful customers truly love their food and staff. While their sales are not what they normally are, they’ve been busy enough to stay open for lunch and dinner. And they have not had to lay off a single employee! Domenico’s also truly appreciates the kind words of support, and generous tips left for their staff!
Domenico’s loves their customers and Belmont Shore. They look forward to being able to serve you in their dining room in the near future and thank you for your support.

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