Dishes that Benefit THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser

groffDelicacy Will Appear on Dishes at Antonello, Nello Cucina & Quattro Caffe with 25% Benefitting THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser
In conjunction with the autumn harvest of one of the culinary world’s finest delicacies, chef/restaurateur Antonio Cagnolo has declared October “Black Truffle Month” and each of his three restaurants will feature what many call, “the diamonds of the kitchen.”His flagship Antonello Ristorante will offer several truffle dishes including Carpaccio of Beef with Black Truffle Aioli and Veal Scallopini with Truffle Burre Blanc. Nello Cucina and Quattro Caffe will both highlight a truffle-topped pizza as well as a Filet Mignon and a variety of pastas featuring the rare and valuable delicacy.Since October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, he has pledged to donate 25% of the proceeds from each of the 3 restaurants’ truffle menus to THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser,an OC nonprofit.

Truffles arethefruiting bodyof a subterranean fungus and have long been considered a delicacy in Europe and the Middle East and, in the past century, the U.S.Because they are so rare and difficult to mass-produce, they are expensive.Cagnolo says they bear a pronounced flavor so he uses them sparingly usually shaved as thin as paper and will be serving them atop pasta, rice, eggs, salads, meats and even pizzas.THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser’s mission is to preserve the dignity of breast cancer patients and their loved ones by supporting their unmet needs through funding value added services. These services typically are not covered by insurance, and include massage therapy, acupuncture, fitness classes, and beauty consulting.

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