DiningGrades.com Now Offers Free Food Poisoning Reporting


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Until now, no convenient, universal reporting system for reporting food poisoning has been widely available. Restaurant patrons can now freely report a suspected restaurant food poisoning event on DiningGrades.com and provide critical information to restaurant management, the respective health department and other diners.

You think you got sick from eating at a restaurant. Who to tell? Calling the restaurant manager likely gets a polite denial. Calling the health department entangles you in inter-department transfers. Even healthcare providers find the telephone maze difficult. Share your concern on a blog or rating system and the information may not be acted upon. There has to be a better system.

DiningGrades.com has developed an innovative solution solving a need for reporting suspected restaurant food poisoning. It is free, easy and intuitive.

  • After selecting the restaurant, the user answers a limited number of questions about the event.
  • Contact information, for corroboration by experts, is added.
  • DiningGrades.com staff reviews the report.
  • The report can be sent to the respective restaurant management team, the respective state or community health department.
  • An alert is noted on the DiningGrades.com website/mobile devices for other diners.

Many food poisoning events go unreported. In a nine-month New York social media study, 3 outbreaks were discovered not previously reported. Surveillance of social media is time intensive and not a reasonable method for most health departments. Until now, no convenient, universal reporting system has been widely available.

The reporting system has been freely available to restaurant patrons and has wide universal application.

Dining Grades LLC was founded in 2010, and has thousands of users and ratings in all 50 states with a mission to promote food safety by increasing public awareness and formation of partnerships within the food industry. Designed by physicians and a health department inspector, DiningGrades.com also offers restaurant patrons a tool to grade restaurants on cleanliness, satisfaction and recommendation. Those users who choose to become “Secret Diners” have an exclusive opportunity to grade a restaurant on cleanliness using a copyrighted demerit based questionnaire that leads to a more comprehensive grade.

Together the suspected food poisoning event reporting system and the grading system offer the dining pubic the ability to make informed dining choices.

posted by: Eric Fujimori

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